TYPO3's Superior Search Engine Optimization

TYPO3, the enterprise-level open source CMS, is readily configured to enhance search engine optimization. Here are some of the steps we take:

  1. We consider page and directory names when planning the web site architecture
  2. We install RealURL, a TYPO3 extension which changes page numbers into nice readable URL's. TYPO3 can even deliver page names in multiple languages to enhance search engine placement in each language
  3. TYPO3 enables meta tags on each page, and allows link titles
  4. We enable search engine optimized image names and alternative text
  5. We set TYPO3 to provide XML site maps to the key search engines
  6. We enable your Google account and provide your sitemap.xml to Google
  7. We set up your statistics and analytics systems so you can analyze the behavior of site visitors and logged in users
  8. We install a TYPO3 extension that generates static HTML pages for your site, improving page download times by 250%. Faster delivery improves search engine rankings

Advance Web Marketing considers search engine needs from the very start of the web site planning process. Our marketing-focused efforts are combine with TYPO3's capabilities to deliver an easy to maintain, highly optimized content management system.

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