TYPO3 Hosting Plans

We configure our web servers to support the special attributes of TYPO3. We make sure that the operating system, PHP and MySQL databases are tuned for high performance and reliability.

We charge on an annual basis, and have no setup fees. 

Hosting Plans

Business Bronze Business Silver Business Gold
Annual Cost $240 $300 $360
Disk Space 2GB 4GB 6GB
Bandwidth 2GB 6GB 12GB
Bandwidth Overage $1/4GB $1/4GB $1/4GB
Fixed IP Address $2/month $2/month Included
CPanel Control Panel Included Included Included
Hot Swap Hard Drives Included Included Included
Daily Off Server Backup Included Included Included
Max Email Accounts 10 25 50
Max Databases 3 5 10
Max Subdomains 5 10 20
Additional Domains 0 2 4

Virtual Private Servers

When your website is successful you may find that a normal shared hosting plan does not provide the horsepower to deliver pages quickly. The it is time to move to your own Virtual Private Server, or VPS.

Our VPSs have cloud-based SSD drives (solid state drives) and guaranteed levels of RAM and IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second). The SSD drive system gives near instant scalability, and the cloud-based SSD system means that your data is on many SSD drives. No one drive failure can hurt your site.

We have five VPS levels, and we can move you up or down as your needs require.

VPS Options

VPS Cores RAM IOPS Storage Price/Month (1)
Cloud 1 VPS: .75 Cores 3GB RAM 400 IOPS 50GB storage $95
Cloud 2 VPS: 1.125 Cores 4.5GB RAM 600 IOPS 50GB storage $119
Cloud 3 VPS: 1.5 Cores 6GB RAM 800 IOPS 50GB storage $143
Cloud 4 VPS: 1.875 Cores 7.5GB RAM 1000 IOPS 50GB storage $167
Cloud 5 VPS: 2.5 Cores 9GB RAM 1200 IOPS 50GB storage $190

1) VPS hosting is billed quarterly