Agency Services

Advance Web Marketing provides design firms with the technical support to deliver to their clients robust web sites and web applications using TYPO3 -- the standard for enterprise-level, open source content management systems.

Web Site Development and Integration

We take your source files and convert them into W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) compliant CSS and HTML templates. These templates are used by TYPO3 to deliver web pages that have the look and feel you have designed and the functionality your client needs.

TYPO3 can generate graphical menus and graphic headlines from your client's fonts automatically, so your web site design can include the typography demanded by your branding.

Your clients can edit pages and news items using TYPO3's easy-to-use back end and front end editing tools. The editing tools are configurable so only the fonts, colors and styles you have defined are available. Visual integrity is maintained.

Search engine optimization needs to be considered throughout the web site development process. TYPO3's support for English language page names, meta-tags and XML site maps helps your client do well in the search engines.

TYPO3 easily handles responsive designs, such as those based on Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation. TYPO3 can automatically generate appropriate image sizes for different viewing devices -- helping your designers deliver the optimum user experience.

Use Our Wireframe Tool

Do you want to expedite your website deliveries?

Advance Web Marketing has assembled a responsive (Twitter Bootstrap-based) white label TYPO3 wireframe tool. You and your client can interactively develop the web site's architecture and content. The teams can add and subtract pages, rearrange them by dragging and dropping, and produce and review content.

Design, Site Population, Usability Testing, and Integration can proceed in parallel, greatly reducing Time to Live.

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